EartHearts Candle Holders

Our woods are from local sources including table makers cut off pieces, fallen trees and sustainably harvested Maple burl wood from Southern Oregon. We strive to only take what Mother Nature has offered us. This is a very important thing to do to keep the balance of life on this planet. Without trees, no life. Without fresh water, no life. Say yes to life on this planet by choosing to purchase from us, say yes to clean air by never burning toxic paraffin candles. 

quad angle Maple candle holder.jpg

4 Tealight Candle Holder

This is the piece of burl wood that we had in our stock for about a year before we realized how awesome of a candle holder it would make. The figure in this piece of Maple is amazing! One of our favorite pieces in our collection. 

Two shot Top Shelf  Maple Candle Holder.jpg

"TOP shelf" candle holder

We call these candles "top shelf" because they remind us of alcohol glasses. These really put out a ton of light. And these particular candles will burn upwards of 24 consecutive hours or more. 

These candles nestle into a thick section of a Maple burl slab. You won't need to have any other candles lit to really make an impact, or provide enough light to give your room some romantic ambiance.

Two Tealight and One Tealight Candle Holders.jpg

MAple or Walnut? we love both.

We are mainly working with local Black Walnut and Big Leaf Maple. We make candle holders for our tealights, votives and "Top Shelf" candles.

There is magic imbued into all of our creations that comes from our hands, hearts, and love for Mother Earth.