Visionary Art products made to last.


Located in Portland, Oregon, Earthearts is a creation of love by Gary Michael Evans and Deva Serene Fleming, with reverence for this Earth that provides everything.  We are grateful, and love showcasing her beauty.

Earthearts features rare, precious handcrafted items made to last generations.
Our focus is on the highest quality woods, metals, magnets, gems, minerals, paints. All art reproductions are of the highest quality archival materials.

Why does most of the world focus on making throw-away products? They do it to maximize profits for themselves. The problem is that our own Earth is not profiting from this kind of destruction. We need a new standard for quality, to make products that can be moved and reused time and time again without falling apart. We will ALL profit with this kind of  thinking! 

Our intention is to set a higher standard to create amazing visionary art and furnishings that you will cherish.  We seek to innovate on existing ideas and use technology to improve efficiency and construction methods. We do our best to make the right decisions and  sometimes we have to use chemicals in our products like epoxy resin, oil based paints, magnets or metals. We use the best, longest lasting products, period.


Designed with Heart

Big Leaf Maple Burl Wood

We are using every last bit of this reclaimed wood that is mainly cut offs and ends from other projects. These burls are responsibly harvested by a local Oregon supplier specializing in rescuing trees in danger of being destroyed.

Burls yield a very peculiar and highly figured wood, prized for its beauty and rarity, and therefore is highly valued.

The live edge is the dark rough outer skin of a tree.  This section cut shows the highly figured finished surface of this Big Leaf Maple Burl Wood shelf.