Magnetic floating shelves, like this one named "Snap Dragon", are one of our unique creations. We also sell air plants, gems and minerals. The elephant is ours ;)

We Have Two Styles of Shelves:

1.Mini Magnetic Floating Shelves for Steel Surfaces (Refrigerator, Espresso Machines, Cubicle, etc.)

Get creative people! 

2.Magnetic Floating Shelves for Walls (Plywood, Drywall, Masonry, etc)

Mounts on your wall surfaces with a "Mounting Slice" with screws

Comes with standard philips bit screws, plastic inserts for drywall a.k.a."mollies" not included. You must purchase plastic inserts if not attaching directly to studs, or your shelf will not function properly and likely come loose or fall. This video shows properly mounted shelves on a plywood wall. 

Magnetic Burlwood Shelves for All Walls! This video was created to highlight how easy it is to attach our shelves to your wall, and how great it looks decorating your space. Each shelf is actually two parts: 1."The Mounting Strip"attaches to the wall with screws, and includes pre-drilled holes for extra strength. Best to use plastic inserts if drilling in to drywall. 2. The Shelf or ledge clicks securely into place as the magnet lines up perfectly with the steel washers on the mounting strip. *caution. These are extra strong neodymium magnets and caution must used to not hurt yourself while attaching the two halves.